Lets Get Digital

Not so long ago, digital photography was handy for point-and-shoot snapshots and easy loading on to a computer or the web, but the gold standard for image quality was still celluloid. That is starting to change. With the newest generation of digital single lens reflex (SLR) cameras, visible pixels and sub-par color quality are distant memories.Digital photography has clear advantages over film, including instant access to images, ease of image manipulation and correction, and less expense–especially since film is getting less popular and processing services are harder to find.If you want to land a job as a professional photographer, learning digital will prove to be a valuable investment. Your love of photography and your skill set can open doors in a number of niche fields, including wedding photography, celebrity photography, fashion and publicity photo shoots, and news photography.Digital photography tutorials allow you to get comfortable with digital photography and absorb professional photography tips. You can learn camera essentials and design and composition rules of thumb. Learn to get the right shots and use the right settings for the lighting and the particulars of the situation. A good photographer can become a great photographer by getting comfortable with the equipment. Get to know your camera and learn how to get the best results out of it.And digital photography doesn’t end with the camera. Just as in film photography, a lot of design decisions can be made after the shutter snaps. In the case of digital, adjustments and enhancements can be made on the computer with photo finishing applications. Understanding these applications and the choices they make available will prove to be another valuable career skill.