Market Research – Big Business

Every year, Big Business in the United States spends tons of money on market research and public opinion polling — to the tune of $6.8 billion dollars in 2005 according to Inside Research, the bible of marketing research professionals. While on a global level, these numbers grow to $18.9 billion dollars, it is clear to see what a big part of the American business cycle market research has become. Companies want to know that they are directing their resources and efforts in a way that is going to pay off with the end users, their consumers. In 2005, the annual estimate of $6,780,000 was spent in the following ways (reported as a % of the total):29.9% Market Measurement21.6% Media Audience Research8.8% Stakeholder Measurement8.2% Market Modeling7.1% New Product / Service Development4.8% Usage & Attitude Studies5.5% Advertising & Brand Tracking3.4% Qualitative / Focus Groups3.4% Advertising Pre-Testing2.7% Business-to-Business Studies0.9% Omnibus / Shared Cost Surveys0.6% Opinion Research Polling4.0% All OtherSigning up to take surveys is a great way to have a direct influence in this huge part of the business world. Major corporations want to hear want to hear your attitudes and opinions of a variety of issues, especially thoughts about any products or services they have in the works. Your honest feedback can help the executives involved in the product development or advertising divisions of business make improvements that make sense economically and improve usability and name recognition.If you have a couple hours to spare each week, join a free database of survey sites, such as Survey Adventure, surf the listings of trustworthy survey suites, and register for the projects that interest you. Most administrators of online surveys typically send invitations to participate in various paid online surveys through email and then you can accept and complete the work in your free time. Perks vary from company to company and job to job; most participants find that taking surveys online is an easy and fun way to make extra income.